Men’s Club of Midway Jewish Center

Mission Statement 

To promote the objectives of Midway Jewish Center's congregation, stimulate social and cultural activities among our members and strengthen ties with the Jewish community.

2016-2017 Schedule of Men's Club Events

November 6, 2016                Hearing Men’s Voices                                 9:45AM

November 7, 2016                Monday Minyan Madness                            8:15PM

November 12, 2016              Scotch Night                                             6:00PM

December 5, 2016               Monday Minyan Madness                             8:15PM

January 2, 2017                   Monday Minyan Madness                             8:15PM

February 5, 2017                 World Wide Wrap                                        8:45AM

February 6, 2017                 Monday Minyan Madness                             8:15PM

March 10, 2017                   Men’s Club Shabbat                                     7:00PM

March 6, 2017                     Monday Minyan Madness                              8:15PM

March 19, 2017                   FJMC Annual Awards Dinner                         1:30PM

April 2, 2017                       Scotch, Steak and Seder                               6:00PM

April 3, 2017                       Monday Minyan Madness                               8:15PM

April 30, 2017                     Tefillin & Breakfast                                        8:45AM

May 1, 2017                        Monday Minyan Madness                               8:15PM

June 5, 2017                      Monday Minyan Madness                               8:15PM


Men’s Club Mensch of the Month

A mensch is a person who is decent, honest and upstanding.  A person of integrity and honor. An all-around good person who can be trusted and who does good things.  The “Mensch of the Month” award  recognizes  extraordinary members in our congregation who make our community and  world a better place.  This is an opportunity to honor our members who go out of their way to show kindness and generosity to others.

The Mensch of the Month will be selected by the Men’s Club from nominations submitted by Midway Jewish Center’s congregants and friends.   

Please e-mail nominations to the Men’s Club at:

[email protected] and tell us the name of the nominee and a brief explanation as to why this person is deserving of the Mensch of the Month Award.   



Men's Club Golf Outing Sponsors



MJC Men's Club Executive Committee

President – Jason Saltsberg

1st Vice President – David Sieradski

2nd Vice President –Keith Senzer

Treasurer – Michael Bank

Corresponding Secretary – Jonathan Brody

Recording Secretary – Mark Abramowitz

Sgt. at Arms – Erez Barak

Immediate Past President – Erik Schwartz


For more information contact:  
[email protected]