Tichon: Midway's Hebrew High School

Midway's Tichon (Hebrew High), is a program of Jewish learning and social time for 8-12th graders with your friends.  We balance fun and focus, experiential and book learning.  The greater number of students that attend Tichon, the greater the variety of classes we can offer, so get your Jewish friends to join you at Hebrew High!   You can even invite friends who are not members of Midway -- they can register just for Hebrew High!

Our weekly Tuesday night is a great way to take a break from the busy week to eat, schmooze, and learn with your peers.  We'll explore a range of topics relevant to your experiences as a Jewish teen today:  defining personal values and ethical systems; making choices about life after high school; taking action on social justice issues; connecting to Israel and the global Jewish people, and much, much more!

The Hebrew High School structure is such that all students learn first in their 'core class' and then they also choose an elective class, both the core class and the elective class rotates during the year so that the students have the opportunity to learn with different teachers and to experience a change in class dynamics.  Rabbi Rank also joins the high school students once a month where he engages them in learning about an upcoming holiday, current events, or other material.
Integral to the Tichon program are trips out of the builidng such as social action projects, a Shabbaton, and an educational/social overnight trip.  Tichon does parallel the students who participate in our USY program and while students do not need to be members of both, they are encouraged to try our USY programming as well.


Our curriculum includes: 

8th Grade Core Class: 
Fall: Crash Course in Judaism
Spring: Jews of New York
9th Grade Core Class:
Fall: Ethics and Values
Spring: Halacha
10th-12th Grade Core Class:
Fall: Modern Jewish History I
Spring: Modern Jewish History II 
Beit Midrash Class for advanced learners invited to participate (grades 8-10)
Fall: Jewish Texts
Spring: The People of the Book

Some of the elective choices are:

Jewish Cooking, Media Mash Up, Leadership Training, 'From the Beatles to Lady Gaga', What's in the Headlines, Yiddish, Jews & Pop Culture 

Hebrew High School meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:15-8:15pm 
6:15-6:45 Dinner
6:45-7:30 Core Class
7:30-8:15 Elective Class


Feel free to be in touch with Rabbi Levenson at [email protected] with any questions about our Tichon (Hebrew High School).  Students do not need to be members of Midway to participate in Hebrew High.