Social Action at Midway

Organic Community Supported Agriculture Program at Midway 


Would you like to eat pesticide free vegetables that has been organically grown?  They will be delivered to Midway shortly after it's been picked at a local farm in Jamesport, out east.  Would you like to eat vegetables and fruit that tastes and looks better than what you get in the super markets?  Would you like to learn about how to store your vegetables and fruit correctly?  How about each week receiving great recipes that are easy to follow and that make your food taste great.  Well right at Midway Jewish Center ORGANIC GMO FREE produce will be delivered every Wednesday for you to enjoy from 3:30-8:00 pm.  In addition, this farm offers farm festivals for their members.  Check out the Organic Golden Earthworm Farm on line.  Their prices are lower than retail and the amount of vegetables that you will get is well worth the price.  Sign up is now, we are filling up, so don't wait. If you are interested in a whole or half share contact Linda Weiss at:

[email protected] or call 933-8531


crochet cab

Our Crochet Club 

Mondays, 3:300PM
At Midway
 Everyone is welcome;  please join us.


Support A Lone Soldier

Contact Linda Weiss at [email protected] to "Adopt A Lone Soldier" by sending cards and care packages to a soldier to show support for his/her commitment and dedication to the fight


Approximately 250,000 adults in our country struggle to improve their writing, reading and speaking skills.  With just 15 hours of training, you can change people’s lives by teaching literacy skills for everyday living.  If you are interested, contact Linda Weiss at [email protected].


If you knit or crochet, join other Midway volunteers and make a blanket for a child undergoing cancer treatments.  The blankets are beautifully wrapped with a note from you and hand delivered to the children in hospitals.  Donate yarn, learn to crochet or knit, help a child keep warm inside and out.  Have fun and feel good knowing you’ve helped someone in need.  Contact Linda Weiss at [email protected] or call 516-933-8280.


A consortium of Jewish congregations and community centers on Long Island which focus on projects designed to “repair the world” on the local level by addressing problems such as poverty, hunger and the environment. Through their “From Our Garden to Your Table” program, donations of excess fruit and vegetables from your gardens may be made to people in need.  Perishable food items from a celebration or untouched food from a shiva house may be donated through their “From Our Table to Your Table” program.  TANS also sponsors an Annual Coat & Clothing Drive collecting coats and winter clothing before November 13 to distribute to those in need.  The January Food Drive distributes food and fresh produce to the Wyandanch community; volunteers are needed.  The Annual Prom Dress Drive takes place in April and prom dresses, accessories and new, unused make-up are collected to be given to High School girls to help make their Proms memorable. Volunteers and donations are needed in order to continue helping those in need.  Contact Eleanor Blackman at 516-364-1235 or Nancy Kraut at [email protected].


Organic, great tasting, fresh fruit and vegetables grown on Long Island are available through our Midway produce program.  Different fruits and vegetables are featured each week as well as recipes, nutritional information, newsletters and a news blog. Prices are less than retail.  Vegetables are delivered to Midway on Wednesday for pick up June through November.  Contact Linda Weiss at [email protected].


A rescue organization that helps Jewish families on Long Island in desperate need of food.  Hatzilu needs kosher, non-perishable foods as well as volunteers to distribute food packages to the poor and elderly.  Volunteers are needed to work in Hatzilu’s food warehouse.  Monetary donations are greatly appreciated!  Contact Karen Somers at [email protected] or Hank Kasven at [email protected].


Whatever your needs are, let us help you.  Do you need a ride to the doctor or synagogue; help sorting bills.  Contact Linda Weiss at [email protected].



If you are a caregiver for a parent, spouse, sibling, child or anyone else, you know how hard it can be. Sometimes you just need to take a break, relax and take care of yourself for a short time.

Pet therapy has long been a source of comfort for people who need to take a few minutes to relax and breathe. If you are interested in joining a group of caregivers for conversation and dog petting please join us at Midway Jewish Center. This will be an informal self-directed group for mutual support. If you are interested, please contact Melanie Mayo at [email protected]. Group meets on Wednesdays at 7PM.