Tzedakah Projects

New York


For 100 years, UJA-NY works to identify and meet the needs of New Yorkers and Jews everywhere through the power of collective action. Together, we care for people in need, respond to crises close to home and far away, and shape our Jewish future.

The United States 

Founded in 1985, MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing and alleviating hunger among people of all faiths and backgrounds. We practice and promote a holistic approach to ending hunger, as demonstrated through our three interrelated strategies: advocacy & education, partnership grants and strategic initiatives. This approach symbolizes our desire to embody twin Jewish ideals: tzedakah and tikkun olam.

Our goal is to provide a space for open conversation and concrete ideas about Jewish special education. Individually, we are Jewish educators, special educators, community leaders, Rabbis, teachers and parents.  One by one, we are searching for the very best for our schools, our students, our congregants and our own children. Collectively, we are a community of people who care deeply about Jewish children with special needs; who are ready to seek answers, express frustrations, share ideas and cull the finest of what this emerging field has to offer. At Matan, we believe that the voice of the “collective” is far louder than the voice of any individual organization or person. 

Gift of Life
Gift of Life is one of the nation’s public bone marrow registries helping children and adults find donors for bone marrow transplants. Gift of Life strives to provide the highest quality services possible in the advancement of its mission.


The Jewish National Fund
Over the past 109 years, JNF has evolved into a global environmental leader by planting 250 million trees, building over 210 reservoirs and dams, developing over 250,000 acres of land, creating more than 1,000 parks, providing the infrastructure for over 1,000 communities, bringing life to the Negev Desert and educating students around the world about Israel and the environment.

The Jaffa Institute
The Institute for the Advancement of Education in Jaffa (The Jaffa Institute) was established in 1982 as a private, non-profit, multi-service social agency to create a new reality for thousands of underprivileged Israeli children from Jaffa, South Tel Aviv and Bat Yam. Our programs offer a holistic therapeutic approach, providing tools that allow each child to develop and flourish in their own individual way. From food and tutoring assistance to emotional counseling, art therapies and  preventative health care, we provide the necessary elements for a safe and secure childhood.

The Masorti (Conservative) Movement in Israel
The Masorti movement is a traditional, egalitarian religious movement in Israel, affiliated with the worldwide Masorti/Conservative movement. It is guided by halakha (Jewish law) and an open and pluralistic approach to contemporary scholarship, Jewish living, democratic ideals and Zionism.

The Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind
The Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind provides guide dogs for the blind in Israel.  Many students have done meaningful mitzvah projects to help raise awareness to support this worthy cause.

Leket Israel

Serving as the country's National Food Bank and largest food rescue network, Leket Israel works to alleviate the problem of nutritional insecurity among the growing numbers of Israel's poor. Each year, with the help of 40,000 volunteers, Leket Israel rescues over 700,000 meals and 21 million lbs of produce and perishable goods, and supplies over 1.25 million (7,500/school day) volunteer prepared sandwiches to underprivileged children. Food, that would have otherwise gone to waste, is redistributed to nearly 300 nonprofit partners caring for the needy. Leket Israel offers cooperative purchasing, nutrition education, and food safety projects to further assist our partners.

Kibbutz Hanaton
On its full-service campus in the Lower Galilee, the Hannaton Educational and Spiritual Center engages current and future Jewish leaders in open dialogue and creative expression regarding their evolving connection to Judaism and Israel and themselves. Affiliated with the Masorti Movement and situated on Kibbutz Hannaton, the Center aims to stimulate, for Israelis, a richer connection to Judaism and, for Diaspora Jews, a dynamic connection to Israel.