Dedicate A New Siddur

After some 30 years, the Rabbinical Assembly is printing a new siddur with the same format as our very popular Mahzor—contemporary translation of ancient prayers surrounded by commentary and insights of our scholars and rabbis. 

We will be introducing the new siddur sometime in January/February at a special Shabbat dedication service.  In anticipation of that event, we offer you an opportunity to dedicate a siddur (or siddurim) in honor of or in memory of a loved one.  You will be able to use the siddurim that you have dedicated at their inaugural Shabbat Service.

The old Siddurim that were previously dedicated may be returned to the family which dedicated them.  If not, we hope to find another home for them where they will be used.

Cost of Dedication is:

1-2 Siddurim              $54/siddur

3-4 Siddurim              $45/siddur

5 or more                   $40/siddur

Please let us know exactly how you wish the book plate to read--For Example

Dedicated by:              __________________

In Honor of:               __________________


In Memory of:            __________________

There will be an opportunity to write specific dedications on the order form below.  

If you would like to dedicate 20 siddurim OR MORE,

please contact the office at 516-938-8390.




Please indicate if the dedication is "In Honor Of" or "In Memory Of"

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